Saturday, September 4, 2010

Coolio's "I Remember"

"I Remember" by Coolio is such a good song. The instrumental to this classic track from It Takes a Thief was in a Transworld skate video that I used to watch when I was in high school while nodding my head to the beat. People who can't listen to Coolio can at least appreciate J Ro's verse because he was in Tha Liks and they have more street cred than Foolio. I don't really think Coolio is a fool. He's probably a nice guy, always on Nickelodeon and stuff. That reminds me - has anybody heard Street Sweeper Social Club? I'm not really feeling them. My step dad went to see Eminem and Jay-Z with my little brother yesterday in Detroit. My step dad said he was "surprised Coolio didn't come out" because "Coolio is one of the original rappers".

Freddie Gibbs is kind of good. Have you heard of him?

Gibbs recently released a decent EP called Str8 Killa that features two tracks with guest vocals by Bun B because Bun B must be really cheap to get in the mic booth. He's been on millions of tracks recently, including a new song produced by DJ Premiere off Bun's new album Trill OG. Bun begins the track saying, "R.I.P. Guru. Gangstarr for life," and then the saddest Premiere track I've ever heard plays, and it's great, but the lyrics aren't that great. Beater rhymes "maine" with "maine" like ten times in a row at one point. I'm a big fan of Bun B and UGK so don't get mad at me for saying this. Maybe he choked in the presence of a legend, and if that's true, he's more endearing now.

Everybody's saying "goon" all the time now. Anyway, Premiere has a similarly reflective beat on Fat Joe's new album.

It's the last track on Joe's The Darkside Vol. 1 and it's just as good as the Bun B track, even if I haven't been into a Fat Joe song since "John Blaze". Remember...

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