Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Young Chris' "Grandson killin' 'em, Grandma!"

I've had a rap lyric in my head for a few days because it's so bad, sounds funny to me. On Freeway and Jake One's alright "Stimulus Package", there's a song called "Microphone Killa" featuring Young Chris of the underwhelming Young Gunz. Remember them? Barely? Yeah, so anyway, Young Chris' verse (at 2:03) goes like this: "Microphone killa, no Cam'ron/bomb like landmine/I don't aks shit, I demand mine/I take a little bit and expand mine/grandson killin 'em, Grandma!" Yipee, look at me! He says "grandma" nasally and whiney and I want to punch him in the arm. Haha so lame.

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